We bring our 1940s large format camera to your event and capture beautiful physical memories for all who attend.

As experts in old-school processes, our analog portrait sessions are an amazing experience for individuals and families. Available on multiple types of dazzling large film formats.

WORKSHOPS & Experiences

From the basics of film developing to camera workshops and everything in-between, we can bring a custom experience to your event, store, or home.

Who We Are

Ben & Lauren are New York Rivertowns locals bringing the rich history and incredible capabilities of analog photography to their area. Ben is an expert specializing in large film formats as well as instant film, which took him all the way to The Netherlands where he recently was invited to visit the last Polaroid factory in the world


With our instant photo booths, we set up a mini photo studio in your space, complete with our 1940s Graflex camera specially modified to shoot instant film. We also set up a backdrop and lighting, forming a fun activation with results that are one of a kind physical memories everyone can take home!

There are two ways to bring this experience to your space:

1. We charge per photo and run our own point-of-sale system.

Great for: Small businesses looking for a fun activation in their space. Requires no exchange of money between us and your business.

2. You hire us to operate the booth, paying a flat rate for unlimited images captured.

Great for: Events like weddings, fundraisers, celebrations, where you would not want guests to be paying per photo.

CONTACT US to discuss bringing a booth to your space!



Our analog portrait sessions are a great opportunity to capture treasured mementos for families and individuals. These sessions are also engaging experiences where we teach you as much (or as little) as you’d like to know about the manual processes that form each picture. Portrait sessions can be done in your own home, or in our Dobbs Ferry studio. We offer an array of packages to best suit the type of images you’d like to capture!


Our most common starting point, this session includes (1) 8×10 portrait and (4) 4×5 portraits. Images are captured with a massive, bellowed old-fashioned camera and every picture is loaded manually, then developed by hand. Digital scans are provided, as well as prints if requested. 

FAQ: What are 8×10 & 4×5?

These formats are among the largest in photographic film, and thus produce magnificent detail, an immersive field of view, and the images capture the soul like no other. These film sizes date back to standards from the mid-1800s onward, and harken to the unique aesthetic of portraiture from classical portrait photography. 8×10 is, naturally, larger than 4×5, but both produce timeless results. And keep in mind, these sizes are just the size of the film itself; the results can be blown up to massive sizes afterward!


Same as the standard package, but with (2) 8×10 portraits and (6) 4×5 portraits.

For your consideration:

If you’re wondering how people commonly utilize the various portrait options, we recommend keeping the 8×10 shots to one or two subjects. This maximizes the unique power and beauty of the format. The 4x5s can be great for alternate looks, group shots, and close-ups!


Polaroid 8×10 is one of the most rare and unique formats available today. It’s also a specialty of ours! This format is the same size as standard 8×10 film, but it is a jumbo Polaroid which is processed immediately after capture in an unusual machine (and you can press the button). This format is a great experience as you can watch every element of the process in real time, then see the image after only 10 minutes. You can either walk away with the final print, or have us scan it in high resolution and ship the print the next day. 


If you’d like the book a portrait session in our Dobbs Ferry studio, please reach out for pricing. Packages can be combined or expanded, and we often cater to the individual dreams of our subjects, so pricing may vary. Hope to see you soon!

8x10 Camera

4x5 Camera

Medium Format Camera

Polaroid Camera


Our workshops are a fun and educational way to bring the art of analog photography to your event, home, or workplace! We offer a unique variety of experiences and can cater them to your group. Some workshops offered:

  • Black & White Film Developing: We shoot a roll of black & white film on a photowalk, followed by a developing session where we walk through the steps to develop the film! Options offered for every participant shooting their own roll, budget and group size dependent. 
  • Polaroid for Beginners: We bring the cameras and film, you get to shoot! Great for parties, we can walk the group through the basics of how to use a traditional Polaroid camera and then unleash the fun. 10 cameras available for use, unlimited film based on budget.
  • Personal Lessons: Have an old 35mm camera that you’d love to breathe life back into? We’ll come over and show you the ropes of how to load, shoot, and process it! In the event the camera is busted, we’ll bring a backup just in case.
  • Large Format Shooting: A rare opportunity to use an old-school large format camera! We walk through the steps of loading, shooting, and processing an 8×10 image as was custom in the early days of photography.

CONTACT US for pricing! Packages vary on group size and materials required.

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